Pencil sharpeners

Pencil sharpeners

There are of course many different types of sharpener available, but for this review I have chosen to feature the two models that I use.

On the left is the Rapesco 64 desktop sharpener. 
Although it is a manual sharpener, it has an ingenious ‘triple clutch’ grip that holds the pencil and feeds it into the sharpener automatically. It has an auto stop mechanism and a transparent shavings tray, which allows you to clearly see when it needs emptying.
It comes with an adjustable clamp to enable you to securely fix it to any convenient table/desk  edge up to 2″ thick.
It retails for around £11 

On the right you can see my Jakar electric sharpener.
This has an automatic sensor which starts the sharpener as soon as you insert a pencil and an auto stop function to prevent you from over sharpening. 
Just like the Rapesco it has a removable shavings tray for easy emptying.
This one retails for around £40 to £48


Both these sharpeners create a nice long point on a pencil, a factor that I consider really important.
However, of the two sharpeners my preference would always be to use the Rapesco.
Even though there is a little more effort required to sharpen a pencil with this sharpener, it is cheaper to purchase, quieter (the Jakar is a bit noisy) and you can use it anywhere, as you don’t need a nearby electric source.

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