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Andrew Forkner Wildlife Artist

Wildlife Artist Andrew Forkner

Wildlife Artist: Andrew Forkner is one of the formost UK wildlife artists, known for his stunning depictions of nature's creatures. His passion for the natural world is reflected in his artwork's intricate details and lifelike qualities. His use of vibrant colours and textures captures the essence of each species and its unique environment. Andrew's love for wildlife is evident in his ability to bring these creatures to life in his work, making them seem as though they could step off the page at any moment.

Wildlife Art & Conservation: Andrew Forkner’s work represents a contemporary approach to wildlife art. He combines
traditional artistic techniques with a modern sensibility, creating pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and scientifically accurate. His art brings attention to the beauty and importance of our natural world and the species that inhabit it. Whether capturing the grace of a soaring bird or the powerful intensity of a hunting predator, Andrew’s wildlife art offers a glimpse into the stunning world of the wild and provides a powerful message about conservation and environmental awareness.

Wildlife Art Journey: At the start of his career Andrew produced mostly illustration work, drawing birds and animals for journals, magazines and books (most notably as principal illustrator for ‘The Birds of Oxfordshire’ for which he produced the colour plate for the dust-jacket and 87 of the 147 ink drawings in the book).
A self-taught wildlife artist, he works in a variety of media, including graphite pencil, coloured pencil, acrylics and pastel to complete his originals.
His use of different mediums and techniques allows him to explore a variety of subjects, from majestic predators to delicate garden birds. He has a keen eye for capturing the character and personality of each species, imbuing his artwork with a sense of individuality and life. 

Andrew’s wildlife art is sought after by collectors who admire his attention to detail, masterful brushwork, and imaginative compositions, with examples of his art in collections in the UK, Europe, Kenya, Canada, USA and Nepal.
He has also produced several commissions for the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds), of which he has been a member for over forty years.
He is a keen naturalist and has travelled in both this country and abroad in search of wildlife.
His wildlife art has been displayed at many British venues including:
Nature in Art at Gloucester (where he participates in their ‘Artist in Residence’ programme and runs drawing workshops),
The Mall Galleries,
The Artist and Illustrator’s Show at Olympia,
Art Materials Live at the NEC
WWT galleries at Slimbridge, Arundel and The London Wetland Centre..